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Date added: December 21st, 2012
Youths tackle trees at Oldham Rugby Club
M&Y and Raise the Youth working together to clear the site

Unemployed young people from Limehurst Village cleared trees at Oldham Rugby Club thanks to a project organised by Regenda.

Raise the Youth Foundation, which is delivering the programme on behalf of Regenda, worked with the Club to use it as an opportunity to teach the young people new skills by showing them how to clear the site. Support was provided by gardeners from M&Y, Regenda’s repairs and maintenance service, who worked with a qualified tree surgeon hired for the occasion. After the trees were cleared the wood was chipped and will be used to keep pathways clear and weed free.

Bill Lovat, Regional Director at Regenda said: “As part of our ten year plan for Limehurst Village we have pledged to develop programmes which provide our young people with access to opportunities. We want to make sure that they have the skills, confidence and experience which will help them to find employment in this difficult economic climate.”

The project is one of the strands within the ‘Vision for Limehurst’, Regenda’s ten year plan for Limehurst Village, and aims to help young people develop the skills and experience they need to help them into work. The programme targets 15-24 year olds, offering them work experience and foundation level qualifications through local education and training providers.

Raise the Youth Foundation is a social enterprise which provides young people with courses of education, apprenticeships and training to give them life skills and to enable them to get into employment at a time when jobs are scarce and competitive.