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Date added: May 3rd, 2012
Happy families move into new Wardleworth Homes
The homes in Kitchen Street, Rochdale being officially handed over to residents

Twelve local families are celebrating after moving into a £1.6 million development by North West housing provider The Regenda Group, which consists of three and four bedroom houses for affordable rent in Wardleworth, Rochdale.

The 12 homes were officially handed over by Tracy Heyes, Executive Director of Operations at Regenda, who said: “These new homes in Kitchen Street, Evens Close and Ramsay Street are in a neighbourhood which we consider to be one of our heartlands, in Rochdale.

“They were developed after extensive consultation with local people who told us they wanted traditional homes with traditional features which would provide larger family accommodation. The project team has done a fantastic job in reflecting these needs within the designs. The development also complements the regeneration initiatives which are underway in the neighbourhood and provides a much needed lift to the area.

“This is a popular development in a much sought after area – we received over 100 applications from local families, which is the largest response we have ever had. Due to its success we are now investigating opportunities to develop more affordable housing in this area, in partnership with Rochdale Council.”

New resident Kamal Chowdury, who has moved into Kitchen Street commented: “I really like my new house, I’ve moved in with my brother and it’s great.”

Raja Miah, whose mother has moved into one of the properties on Ramsay Street is also delighted: “The house is beautiful and really spacious. My mother and three sisters have moved from a flat in Freehold and love their new home, especially my sister. She has mobility problems and she wouldn’t go out because she is quite shy and didn’t like getting attention, so she stayed at home all the time. Here she can go out into the garden and enjoy the fresh air.”

Penny Sharp, Service Director at Rochdale Borough Council, said: “It’s great to hear from families that are really enjoying their new homes. The level of interest in these properties shows that there is a real need for high quality, affordable housing. It’s something that is a priority for the council and we’re working hard to make sure Rochdale is well provided with a variety of housing to suit all needs.”

Work at the site was not without challenges. The builders discovered the remains of a tannery, one of many tanneries which were located in the area in Victorian times. The historical importance of the site meant that an archaeological dig had to be carried out by the University of Salford before work could start. Then once permission was given for work to resume on site, extensive preparation was required. The area needed to be cleared where it had attracted fly-tipping and levelled where it sloped; by the end of the development over 9000 tonnes of earth had been removed.

All of the homes meet the Code for Sustainable Homes Level Three, which means that they are energy and water efficient, produce fewer carbon emissions and will be better for both the environment and for the household budget.

The properties also have ‘Secure by Design’ accreditation which is a police initiative to encourage house builders to incorporate security features such as lighting, natural surveillance, secure windows and doors and defensive planting in the design of their homes.

The Regenda Group is a leading housing and regeneration organisation, with 13,000 properties across the North West providing homes for more than 25,000 people.