About us

The Regenda Group regenerates places. We see a bigger picture and work with people to understand and create the opportunities they need to thrive.  

Affordable housing is our starting point, but we are a dynamic group of eight organisations doing very different things. We work in places where we can make a difference but operate across the broader housing and construction sector, in care and support, and in the training and employment sector.  

We work as a group because every one of us wants to do the right thing for the people and places in which we work - and because being part of the group we can see, and reach, so much further together.  

How the group works 

Our group structure allows us to treat people as just that – individuals, who like many of us, need to access all kinds of support and services at different stages of life.  

It‘s a way of making connections across those different services and finding opportunities so people can ultimately stand taller, and reach further, too. It is also a way of channelling the incredible energy, talent and commitment of staff working across our eight organisations:

The Regenda Group of organisations

Housing and construction

·         Regenda Homes

·         Redwing

·         McDonald Property Rentals

·         M&Y Construction and Maintenance

Care and support

·         Petrus - homeless charity

·         Centre 56 nursery 

Training and employment

·         The Learning Foundry

·         Positive Footprints