Our promises for anti social behaviour

We will:

  • Respond within one working day if you are the victim of or witness to threatened or actual violence, hate crime or domestic violence.
  • Respond within five working days if you are the victim of or witness to, nuisance or other forms of anti social behaviour that are not listed above.
  • Take prompt action in relation to all ASB enquiries.
  • appoint a tenancy enforcement officer, who will be your single point of contact and who will support you through the anti social behaviour process.
  • agree an action plan with the complainant that sets out the steps we will take and the support that will be offered.
  • keep in touch with you to inform you of progress throughout the anti social behaviour process. The frequency and method of contact will be agreed with you.
  • work with the complainant, the alleged perpetrator and other relevant agencies (if appropriate) to resolve anti social behaviour problems.