Bank accounts

Basic bank accounts

A basic bank account may be a good option if you’ve been turned down for a current account.

  • Basic bank accounts are free.
  • You need to be over the age of 16.
  • You will need proof of your identity and address.
  • You don’t need to pass a credit check.
  • They also won’t charge you if a Direct Debit or standing order fail..

Most basic bank accounts let you -

  • Have your wages, salary or benefits paid into your account
  • Pay UK cheques in for free
  • Take out money over the counter or from a cash machine
  • Pay your bills by Direct Debit or standing order
  • Pay money in at your bank
  • Check your account balance over the counter or at a cash machine
  • Some will give you a debit card.


Current bank accounts

With a current account, you can –

  • receive payments directly into your account
  • set up Direct Debits and standing orders to pay your bills
  • pay cheques into your account
  • buy things with a debit card
  • withdraw cash, either over the counter or from a cash machine
  • check your bank balance using telephone or online banking, at a cash machine, or over the counter
  • write cheques to pay bills or individuals
  • transfer money via telephone or online banking
  • apply for an overdraft.

More information on what fee-free bank accounts are available can be found here: