Complaints Panel

Regenda Homes Complaints Panel meets on a quarterly basis and is made up of independent tenant volunteers. The role of the panel is to actively review our approach to receiving and responding to feedback from our customers.       

Complaints Panel members

This includes:

  • Case study reviews of individual complaint cases to identify good practice or areas for improvement
  • Reviewing cases that have been investigated by The Housing Ombudsman and monitoring actions
  • Looking at performance against targets, including customer satisfaction against the Regenda Promises
  • Servicing Stage 2 Panel Hearings – as an independent representative on cases that have been escalated to independent panel review at Stage 2 of the complaints process
  • Bespoke training for volunteers to ensure effective contribution and understanding of the role of a panel member
  • Reviewing the Customer Feedback Policy and process on an annual basis to ensure that they continue to reflect the needs of our customers.


If you want to know more about the Customer Feedback Panel or other resident involvement opportunities, please contact the Customer Experience Team on 0151 703 3795 or via email