Case studies

A word of thanks
“I am writing to say how amazing Lee has been in sorting out my very worrying financial issues and problems.
I was very, very wary about accepting any form of support, partly because of my own pride but equally and more importantly because of abuse experienced in the past.
Lee built up my trust and has been truly fundamental in helping me to rebuild my life. I am sure that, without his support and knowledge, I could easily have lost my home and certainly would not be in a position to be able to enjoy my new downsized house and look forward to a brighter future.
Words cannot express how much gratitude I have. Lee supported me without making me feel inadequate or stupid. I was extremely concerned and very doubtful he could help me. Those fears though, over the last few months, have been completely washed away."

Credit where it is due

A resident had contracted Covid-19 and was advised to self-isolate for 12 weeks. The residents’ partner was also self isolating and they were worried about how they were going to pay their rent as they had been placed on furlough, earning 80% of their usual income. They had come to the end of their money and were unsure what they would receive the following month.

After speaking to our Financial Inclusion Team, they were supported to make a new Universal Credit claim and were informed that they were eligible to receive a month’s payment immediately, providing support straight away.

A real life line 

Regenda staff had contacted a vulnerable resident to check that she was ok following a diagnosis of terminal cancer. She mentioned that she had not been well, was bed ridden and had recently given someone who had knocked on her door money to do a food shop. This person never returned.  She was rationing medicine due to not having enough and had no credit on her phone and no family or friends that she could rely on.

Our team spoke to the resident and contacted the local crisis support service. They arranged for a food parcel to be delivered and set up ongoing support, putting the resident back in touch with her GP to make sure she received much-needed medication.

One less thing to worry about 

A resident was struggling to pay his rent and contacted our Financial Inclusion Team for support. His partner had recently passed away and he had three young children. He was worried about losing his home. 
Our team secured a Discretionary Housing Payment of almost £700, which cleared his rent arrears in full. They arranged for the housing element of his Universal Credit to be paid directly to us to help with budgeting and provided debt advice.

Reassuring residents 

The team contacted a resident who was concerned about her finances and rent arrears that had built up. She had recently started working but the business had been forced to close due to losses during lockdown. She had contracted Covid-19 and was recovering at home.
She was worried about her rent arrears and about her future at the company she was at. The team supported her through a Universal Credit claim and she felt better and more reassured about the situation.