Flakefleet estate


As part of the £10m investment in Fleetwood, Regenda Homes is carrying out an external wall insulation programme (EWI) to homes on the Flakefleet estate.


Regenda Homes carried out an assessment of properties to determine what action is required to bring them up to a decent standard. Homes have been given a priority level, depending on urgency. Most properties in Flakefleet have been given a level one priority. 

Other properties have been given a level two priority. This means that work is not due to start for at least five years. We will provide details of the work schedule nearer the time.

Residents will be contacted directly if they are having EWI works done within the next 12 months. If residents have not received a letter from us, we will provide details of your work schedule nearer the time.


What is EWI?

EWI involves fixing a layer of insulation material to the outside of homes, which is then covered with a reinforcing special type of render.

There are many benefits of EWI for residents. It will - 

  • Save money on heating bills
  • Reduce heat loss through walls
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Reduce condensation and damp
  • Reduce noise levels
  • Improve the external appearance of homes
  • Improve the appearance of neighbourhoods.

These works have to be carried out to make sure your home remains weather resistant and warm. 



Disruption will be kept to a minimum. We will let residents know how each stage will affect them before work begins. There will be limited internal disruption as most of the work takes places outside of properties.

There should be no disruption to owner occupiers, however, scaffold will be required to ensure compliance with health and safety during the project. We aim to minimise the impact of scaffold. We may ask permission of owner occupiers to partially encroach on their land to either the front and/or rear. We will rectify any issues which may occur.


Schedule of works

Stage one

BR Testing Ltd carried out suitability assessments to determine what work was needed. They assessed the conditions of walls, roof, windows and doors. This work was carried out in May/June 2017.

Stage two

M&Y Maintenance and Construction have appointed Butler Scaffolding and White Rose Scaffolding to provide scaffolding, and Butler Roofing and Jennings Roofing to carry out the re-roofing phase of the project.

We are re-roofing your home to help improve the energy efficiency of your home. At the same time we will be upgrading your loft insulation

Stage three

Extract North East Ltd have been appointed to remove the current cavity wall insulation from homes. We are removing all the cavity wall insulation because it is not suitable for properties in the long term, and may make condensation worse.

Stage two involves -

  • A survey of your home, where you will be told the date and time that the work will be carried out
  • Checks of your heating system and what ventilation your home has
  • An explanation of the extraction process
  • Any access requirements you may have
  • The finished product, and the benefits that the works will have to you and your home.
Stage four

This stage is the enabling works. If you have an outbuilding to the rear of your property, it will need to be removed. We will provide you with further information and support.

Stage five

M&Y Maintenance and Construction will fix an insulated product to the outside of homes. M&Y have appointed Alsecco as the EWI product supplier. Alsecco are currently carrying out the design phase of the project.


Keeping you informed

If you have any questions, please call contact us and ask to speak to the Lancashire Team.