Here are the news updates from the Customer Experience team from 2017.

Date News
December 2017 Member of our scrutiny panel and customer inspector team attended a focus group on residents' wellbeing.



The lucky winner of the December Mystery Shopper prize draw of £20 Love to Shop vouchers is ‘Mr G’ from Fleetwood.  Thank you for all your valued feedback!

November 2017

Our Octobers Love to Shop voucher prize draw for our volunteer mystery shopper is Mr S, from the Prenton, Merseyside.  Mr S has given some fantastic feedback on his survey. Thank you Mr S, we really appreciate you giving up your spare time to help Regenda be better informed about the service it is providing!

November 2017 Customer Inspectors event is taking place on Tuesday 12 December in Bolton. All our Customer Inspectors will be brought together to meet each other, to discuss how things have gone so far, and any suggestions for improvements, 
November 2017 The next Scrutiny Panel meetings are on Tuesday 21 November and Tuesday 5 December, where we will be discussing service charges.
November 2017 The Wyre residents panel is on Wednesday 15 November at Freeborne House. The team will be delivering a presentation on the work that has been completed so far, and showing residents the new website area.
November 2017 The Repairs Transformation Focus Group is taking place on Tuesday 7 November. If you are interested in attending, please email promises@regends.org.uk 
October 2017 The Readers Group have been sent a draft copy of the three year Customer Service Strategy. We have asked the readers to review this document and to provide us with feedback.
October 2017 There is a Customer Inspector training day on Monday 23 October in Fleetwood. If you would like to join the training session, please call us on 0344 7360066 or email promises@regenda.org.uk
October 2017 The Customer Inspectors are currently working on a Gas Servicing survey. They will be coming in to the local offices and calling residents who had their gas service carried out during August, to ask how they think the service went.
October 2017 There will be a Scrutiny Panel meeting on Tuesday 3 October. The panel are currently scrutinising services that are paid for via a service charge. This includes cleaning, gardening and caretaker services.
September 2017 Our first Mystery Shopper and Customer Inspector prize draw winner is Mrs M from Wirral! Mrs M has given some fantastic feedback on her surveys. Thank you Mrs M, we really appreciate you giving your spare time to help Regenda be better informed about the service it is providing.
September 2017 The Mystery Shoppers and Customer inspectors prize draw will be drawn. Get your mystery shop completed to be in with a chance to win.
September 2017 Come along to the Regenda Community Day at Martindale People's Park on West View estate, Fleetwood, on Saturday 2 September. Sarah, our Resident Engagement Officer, will be there advertising Customer Inspectors and Mystery Shoppers roles, and answering any questions about resident involvement that you may have. 
August 2017 We have now recruited 10 more Customer Inspectors throughout the North West. They are already getting involved, helping our Resident Scrutiny Panel with a survey or rents and service charges.
July 2017

We had a training day for new Customer Inspectors in the Lancashire area. The three new inspectors have already inspected Hatfield Avenue, Westview and Preesall. They have suggested improvements, which Regenda are now looking to implement.  

There are two further training days in Greater Manchester and Liverpool, with 15 residents attending. The training dates are Wednesday 2 August at our Oldham Office and Monday 7 August at our Liverpool Office. 

If you would like to join our training sessions, please call us on 0344 7360066

July 2017

We have recruited four new members for our Resident Scrutiny Panel. The new members Alex, Tony, Colin and Fred have already attended a panel meeting and are involved in the current review.  Alex has said ‘he is looking forward to adding  his perspective as a resident on the panel’.

June 2017

Our Readers Group have been reviewing our Customer Inspector information pack.  Ms Millington-Hyde said: "the pack contains all the relevant information", but suggested that we mention that the role is open to all age groups. 

June 2017

Did you know Regenda run a quarterly prize draw for Mystery Shoppers. Each time you enter feedback, you will be entered into a draw to win £20 of Love to Shop vouchers!

June 2017

Our Resident Engagement Officer recently attended the weekly Ways2Wages in the Liverpool office, to encourage our residents to volunteer. If you are looking for work, volunteering can help as it shows employers you are proactive and keen to work. Volunteering as a Customer Inspector for Regenda can improve your skills in communication, analytical thinking and problem solving. It will look fantastic on your CV and Regenda can offer a character reference.