Join our Resident Voice Panel

We’re setting up a Resident Voice Panel – and we need YOU!  

Who do you need?
You! We’re looking for Regenda Homes residents to sit on our Resident Voice Panel. You’ll have good communications skills and will have similar values to our organisation, which include putting the customer first, working as part of a team and openness and honesty.  

What will I be doing?   
You’ll attend at least four meetings per year, making suggestions and implementing changes to improve our services to customers. You will hold us to account for delivering our promises. 

What do I get? 
In acknowledgement of the vital role you’ll play in improving our services, this is a paid role, and you can expect to earn around £2,100 per year. We can arrange a personal assessment with our Financial Inclusion Team, so you can understand what this payment will mean for you.  

You will also receive training to support you in carrying out this role, with the option to undertake additional, accredited training if you choose to. All training will be funded by Regenda. Expenses will be paid and we can also provide ICT equipment if required.  

Meetings and training will take place at a convenient time to the majority of panel members.   

Why is Regenda Homes setting up the Resident Voice Panel?  
We’ve always aimed to involve our residents in everything we do and want to give residents a greater say on the services we provide. We want your help to be more transparent and accountable to all our customers.  

How do I join the panel?  
Email your name, address and phone number to, call 0344 7360066 or complete the form below by 14 January 2022.

What happens next?  
We'll hold an event in February, and all interested residents will be invited to attend. You'll complete a short application form and we'll meet shortlisted applicants individually. We anticipate that the panel will be up and running in April 2022. 

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