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Below you will find a selection of the people that work each day to provide you with the services you expect from Regenda.

These are the people who work directly in your neighbourhood, so you are likely to meet them when they are out and about. If you need a chat or some advice - just ask them.

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Stacey Cox - Housing Officer (Communities)

Stacey Cox - Housing Officer (Communities)

Stacey is a Housing Officer Communities and has worked at Regenda for 14 years.

Stacey started working in customer services part time, completed a 6 month secondment in Homelessness then went on to apply for the role of a Housing Officer. Currently Stacey looks after the Fleetwood areas of Broadwater, Warren Farm, Fleetwood Town Centre. Stacey says “I love working for Regenda Homes and within the Lancashire Team. I have made some forever friends and can say honestly I love my job and the satisfaction that it brings making a difference to people’s lives”.