Moving home


If you want to move home, you may be able to transfer to another Regenda property, or to a property owned by a different housing association.

You might need to transfer if:

  • You need to move to another area for employment.
  • You need to move to another area or to give or receive care.
  • You need to be rehoused due to medical problems.
  • Your home is overcrowded or under-occupied.
  • Your home is no longer safe for you to live in.

You can apply for a transfer through the choice-based lettings schemes/nomination schemes or with Regenda where we still hold a waiting list. You will need to meet the transfer criteria which differs dependant on what area you are wanting to move to. Once you’ve registered you will be able to bid on available homes through the choice-based lettings scheme and/or you will remain on the Regenda waiting list until an offer can be made to you. 


Wherever you want to move, House Exchange helps you to find suitable home within your local authority or further afield.  Regenda have signed up to House Exchange which means all our tenants can access the site for free. To match and move, visit or contact them at or

If you would rather fill out a paper application form, click the link below to download, print and fill it out.

House Exchange paper application form.pdf [pdf] 1MB

If you have any questions, please contact us