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Regenda Homes partners with Aldi to help Centre 56 and NHS on Easter Sunday

Regenda Homes has distributed over 150 Easter eggs on behalf of Aldi to Centre 56 and other good causes ahead of the Easter holidays.

It comes as part of Aldi’s national campaign to donate almost half a million Easter eggs to vulnerable families and children, in partnership with Neighbourly.

Distributing the eggs on behalf of Aldi was Kev Short, Housing and Neighbourhood Services Team Leader, who said:
“We’re just trying to be nice in an awkward time for everyone. If these eggs can bring people a little bit of joy to people’s lives, then we’ve done our job.”

Regenda Homes collecting Easter eggs from Aldi

Regenda Homes recieved the first batch of Easter eggs from Aldi and promptly delivered them to Centre 56; a service which provides childcare, information and support for families and children who have suffered, or are at risk of domestic abuse or a crisis situation.

Claire Esseme, Centre 56 Service Manager, said: “We are very grateful for this donation of Easter eggs. They will go to some of the most vulnerable families in the area and I’m sure they will bring a smile to the faces of all the kids!”

You can donate to Centre 56 here >

Another 50 eggs were distributed to City of Liverpool FC to accompany food parcels being given out to vulnerable families.

Paul Manning, Director of COL FC, said: “We’re making these Regenda Homes emergency food parcels. Most of this stuff has been donated by Regenda and PLS Food Foundation our two main sponsors. They include: 100 teabags, a kilo of sugar, a week’s worth of breakfasts, a jar of pasta sauce, jar of coffee and modern-day gold dust… pasta! It’s only a small impact, but we’re doing our bit to help our local community.”

Regenda Homes also distributed 50 Easter eggs to local business ‘Laura’s Little Bakery’, to be given to NHS staff and beyond.  

Regenda Homes donating Easter eggs Laura's Little Bakery

Laura said: “A massive thank you to Kev Short for this donation of Easter eggs! I can’t wait to eat them all! I’m joking of course. We’ll be delivering them to a whole load of NHS and keyworker superstars this week.”

More eggs were also distributed to local tenants at Grove Street, Liverpool, whilst maintaining social distancing.

Grove Street Tenants Donation from Regenda Homes

Regenda Homes would like to thank Aldi for working with us during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and we praise their commitment to helping vulnerable families during this time.

If you require any advice over the Easter holidays don’t forget support is available to you >

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