Our planned maintenance promises

Our promises to you:

  • If your home has been identified within the programme and we need to visit to carry out a survey of your home, we will write to you at least two weeks in advance (10 working days) explaining the reason for the visit and offering an appointment.
  • When we carry out improvement works to your home, we will inform you in writing, no less than two weeks (10 working days) about the type of work to be carried out, what it will involve, how long it will take and when it will be done. The letter will also include the name of a tenant liaison officer who will be your main contact before, during and after the works.
  • As well as writing to customers, we will send text messages to remind customers about appointments for planned maintenance works.
  • If the planned works to your home are going to take longer than originally stated, we will provide you with a new completion date and keep you informed.
  • We will not leave you without cooking, heating or washing facilities during any planned works programmes.
  • We will check the quality of the completed works with you, within two working days of completion. If there are any outstanding defects, we will make an appointment with you to put these right and they will be signed off by the resident once completed.
  • We will publicise and update details about any planned works e.g. kitchen and bathroom replacement programmes that we will be carrying out each year. This information will be published on our website, Belong and social media.


Customer care

When improvements are being carried out to your home, we understand that it can be disruptive and stressful. We aim to carry out works with as little disturbance as possible.


The areas which we will work with contractors to improve customer care are - 


Information and time scales

We will let you know what work is being done to your home, when, and when it will be completed. We will provide you with the full details of what will happen, and let you know if there will be any changes or delays.

Levels of disruption

We will let you know the level of disruption you can expect, and the steps we will take to minimise this.

Consultation with customers

We will talk to you about what is being done to your home, and will offer you choices of finishes from agreed ranges and layouts, where possible.


We will keep in touch with you about the works to your home, from start to finish.

Temporary services

You will have all necessary services in your home restored at the end of each working day, such as running water in your kitchen and bathroom, toilet reconnections and temporary heating supplied.

Attention to defects

We will provide excellent and prompt responses to defects within an agreed time scale.

Health and safety

The works will be carried out in accordance with all current legal requirements and regulations.

Accidental damage

We will investigate and compensate for any damage caused due to contractor negligence.


We will investigate all complaints promptly and provide a response within an agreed time scale.

Special requirements

We will help you if you have any concerns about work being done to your home. If you are concerned about your health, age or any vulnerabilities you may have, or if you need help packing and moving your belongings, we will work with you to ensure you have the support you need.

We will liaise with your Housing Officer to make sure your needs are met, and will carry out home visits (where required) so we can better understand how to tailor our services to you.

If your property requires adaptations for health reasons, we may refer you to external agencies to establish your needs, to make sure we meet the correct criteria.

Meeting your requirements

We will regularly monitor the works which are being done to your home, and if we fail to meet the required customer care standards, we will investigate this and work closely with our contractors to make necessary improvements.

Feedback and satisfaction

We will check that you are satisfied with the work before we leave your home. One of our surveyors will inspect a percentage of homes which have had works done, to make sure it is at a standard we set out to achieve.

We will ask you to complete a short survey so we can hear your thoughts on the works carried out to your home. Your comments are very important to us, as they help us to improve our services.