Our policies and standards

When you call us

When you visit our offices

When you write, email or text us


If you telephone us we will:

  • Aim to answer calls within 30 seconds.
  • Make sure our staff greet you, provide their names and listen to your enquiry.
  • Make sure our staff are trained to answer as many enquiries as possible straightaway.
  • Make sure that when we can’t resolve your query straightaway you are informed how and when we will respond and keep you informed of progress.
  • Ring all customers who request or need a call back within two working days.
  • Make sure that when we are closed you have access to an out of hours emergency service.

When you visit one of our offices we will:

  • Ensure all our offices are accessible and clearly display their opening times.
  • Always offer interviews in private.
  • Not keep you waiting more than five minutes at reception.
  • Make an appointment for you to see a member of staff if they are not available when you visit.

When you write, email or text us we will:

  • Acknowledge receipt within one working day.
  • Make sure that a full response is provided within 10 working days if it is more complex.