Planned maintenance

We keep our properties maintained through our planned maintenance programmes. These programmes are different from our day-to-day repairs service because they help us keep homes modern, safe and comfortable over the long term.

Planned maintenance is work that has been identified in advance to replace or repair certain building components. The work is carefully planned and delivered in a controlled way throughout the financial year (from April to March).  bathroom

Planned maintenance includes:

  • Cyclical external painting.
  • Major aids and adaptations.
  • Major repairs.
  • Internal replacement works, including kitchens, bathrooms, central heating and electrical wiring.
  • External works, including structural works, roofing replacement, security works, windows and doors.
  • Communal lift replacement.
  • Environmental works.

Our promises to you

  • If your home has been identified within the programme and we need to visit you to carry out a survey of your home, we will write to you at least five working days in advance, explaining the reason for the visit and offering an appointment. 
  • When we carry out improvement works to your home, we will inform you in writing, no less than 10 working days in advance, about the type of work we'll carry out, what it will involve, how long it will take and when it will be carried out. The letter will also include the name of a tenant liaison officer, who will be your main contact before, during and after the works. 
  • If the planned works to your home are going to take longer than originally stated, we will provide you with a new completion date and keep you informed. 
  • We will not leave you without cooking, heating or washing facilities during any planned works programmes. 
  • We will check the quality of the completed works with you, within 2 working days of completion. If there are any outstanding defects, we will make an appointment with you to put these right.

Not every Regenda Homes property will have work carried out under the annual programme. If your property has been included in the programme but you do not want the work carried out, you must contact us as soon as you receive your letter.