Resident Scrutiny Panel



The resident scrutiny panel is an independent team of residents who work closely with Regenda Homes’ staff to review services and performance and suggest ways we can make things better.


What do they do?

Members meet once a month and carry out two in-depth service reviews a year, looking at important areas of the business such as repairs, customer service, complaints and value for money.



Our Resident Scrutiny Panel were acknowledged for their hard work and commitment, and was named Most Inspiring Newcomers at the annual Customer Scrutiny Inspection awards in 2016.



  1. Chair of the Scrutiny Panel. From Community Street, Ashton.

  2. Scrutiny Panel member from Poulton–le-Flyde.

  3. Scrutiny Panel member from Over Alderley, Cheshire

  4. Scrutiny Panel member from Runcorn

  5. Scrutiny Panel member from Grosvenor St, Ashton.

  6. Scrutiny Panel member from Tameside.

  7. Scrutiny Panel member from Bilsbrough Preston.

  8. Scrutiny Panel member from the Wirral.

Total results: 8