Stock transfer FAQs

1. Will my rights as a tenant be affected?

No. Your new landlord will either provide a new tenancy agreement for you to sign with similar terms and conditions, or simply adopt your existing agreement, ensuring you enjoy the same terms and conditions as you do at present. The type of tenancy that you hold will not change.

2. Will I have to move to a new house?

No. The change of ownership to another social housing landlord does not affect your right to remain in your current home and does not affect your security of tenure.

3. I have pets in my property, will they be able to stay with me? 

Yes, providing consent was previously obtained and your tenancy agreement reflects this. However, any future requests to keep pets must be made to your new landlord and will be considered individually, as they are now with Regenda Homes.

4. Can the new landlord increase my rent?

Your rent is reviewed every year and a fixed formula, which is set by the Government, is used to calculate the annual increase. The same formula must be used by the new landlord and any increases must be within an agreed maximum, as is currently the case with Regenda Homes. If you hold a secure tenancy, your rent will be reviewed in the same way that it is at present.

5. Will I still be entitled to claim Housing Benefit?

Yes, if you are currently claiming Housing Benefit, you will still be able to do so. Regenda Homes will notify the local authority of the change of landlord and we will let you know if need to sign or complete a new form.

6. How will I be able to pay my rent in the future?

Your new landlord will offer a range of ways in which you can pay your rent from which you can choose. They will work with Regenda Homes to make the transition as smooth as possible for tenants.

7. What happens if I have an agreement to pay off my rent arrears?

If you are paying an agreed amount off your rent arrears each week, this agreement will continue with the new landlord. Your rent arrears will transfer across, as will the repayment agreement. This will also apply to other debts owed, such as rechargeable repairs and court costs.

8. Will improvements be done to my property?

Any works already identified and agreed in writing will be completed within the agreed timescales. The new landlord will also inspect the properties in the future to assess whether any further improvements are required and will consult tenants about any proposed new work.

9. Will my repairs still be done whilst we are waiting for the change of landlord to happen?

Yes. Regenda Homes is responsible for keeping your property in a good state of repair whilst we are your landlord. Therefore, day-to-day repairs and emergency works will be carried out as usual.

10. Will the new landlord use the same maintenance arrangements?

No, but Regenda Homes will seek to attract a landlord with a good track record of delivering a high-quality maintenance service, as good as or better than you receive now.

11. Will the new landlord be accessible?

We are looking for a landlord who is locally based and will therefore be accessible to you.

12. What will happen to any court action which is pending against a Regenda Homes resident?

Any court action will continue as planned with your new landlord instead of Regenda Homes. In the same way, any diary sheets or evidence logs which have been completed and submitted to Regenda Homes as part of an ongoing anti-social behaviour case will be transferred to the new landlord in order that they can continue to handle the case and there is no need for tenants to start again with new diary sheets.

13. What will happen to the personal information that Regenda Homes holds on file about me?

All of the files held by Regenda Homes with regard to your tenancy will be given to the new landlord for their future use. This will be covered under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

14. Will I be able to get a transfer from my new landlord?

That will depend upon the transfer policy of the new landlord, and the agreed arrangements with local authorities and local choice-based letting schemes. Regenda Homes is aiming to transfer to a landlord with more properties in the local area and therefore they may be able to offer a wider choice and more flexibility with housing options.

15. Are the properties being sold by local area or as a whole?

The properties will be sold in ‘lots’ or ‘groups’ of properties, grouped predominantly by geographical location. Any potential new landlord bidding will be able to bid for one or more ‘lots’. 

16. How will a new landlord be chosen?

A selection panel will set up. It will be made up of Regenda Homes representatives, a small number of residents and representatives from our advisors, Savills.

The initial assessment will be made using a ‘quality first’ approach. Regenda Homes produces a range of performance information as required by the regulator. We will need any new landlord to prove that they perform at least as well as Regenda Homes against these indicators and are responsive to the questions we ask them about the service they will provide in the future.  These questions will be set following consultation with residents. If the new landlords cannot prove that they can, and will, perform at least as well as Regenda Homes, then they will not be considered any further.

17. How many landlords will bid and who will they be?

We do not know at this stage how many landlords will express an interest, or who they are, but we will keep you updated on this throughout the process.

18. How do we know the new landlord will be good and will stick to their promises?

The new landlord will need to be a Registered Provider of Social Housing.  It will therefore be a landlord who meets the same regulatory requirements as Regenda Homes.

The residents on the selection panel will be able to test that the new landlord can achieve the priorities and aspirations outlined by tenants and shared owners through the consultation which will take place over the coming months.

The new landlord will also be asked to demonstrate that they have met any promises that they have made to residents in other areas as part of the process.

19. Will residents be involved?

Yes. All residents affected will have the opportunity to give their views throughout the process. In addition to the survey enclosed, we will write to you again shortly to let you know the how and when you can get involved and give your views. A small number of residents will also be fully involved in selecting the new landlord(s) through the selection panel.

20. Will Regenda Homes staff be affected by the transfer of stock to another registered housing association?

No. We don’t believe any employees will be impacted by the transfer.