Thriving Hollinwood

Thriving Hollinwood, Oldham: A Place-based partnership to Transform Lives

Thriving Hollinwood is an innovative, evidence based approach aimed at building local resilience through integrating services, improving lives and demonstrating value for money.  As part of the Greater Manchester Place Based Initiative, Regenda’s Neighbourhood & Regeneration teams have brought together the Council, Health, Police, Education and Voluntary Sector to:

  • Put vulnerable people first
  • Link people into wider place-based regeneration plans
  • Reduce demand on services
  • Empower people
  • Improve their health and wellbeing

Over the last 12 months, 72 people have been referred into the service. Fifty have been resolved, 22 remain open.  Thirteen have improved their health and wellbeing. Eight have received bespoke financial advice and support. Seven have seen their property condition improved. Five have received support with children’s behaviour. Ten have received re-housing advice. Eight have been referred to the Regeneration Team.  £239,718 of social value has been generated.  £8,384 of one-off financial gains has been secured.   In addition it has;

  • Set up the Limehurst Arts Society
  • Established a new residents group – OL8
  • Created a new local partnership
  • Developed a social prescribing approach
  • Delivered sport, physical activity and health projects
  • Delivered employment support projects
  • Secured external funding from a range of sources
  • Coordinated new housing and green space projects.