Types of tenancy

Your tenancy agreement will tell you what kind of tenancy you have.

It will be one of the following:

  • A starter (or assured shorthold) tenancy.
  • An assured tenancy.
  • A secure tenancy (if you started your tenancy before 15 January 1989).

Starter (assured shorthold) tenancy agreement

A starter tenancy is usually given to new residents.

Starter tenancies last 12 months and are closely monitored to make sure new tenants are settling in well and keeping to the terms of the agreement – for example, paying rent on time and not behaving in an anti-social way.

At the end of the 12 months, we’ll review your tenancy and usually agree to an assured tenancy if you’ve kept to your side of the agreement.


Assured and secure tenancy agreements

These tenancies give you the right to remain in your property for the rest of your life as long as you don’t breach the agreement.

We can only end these types of tenancies if we have served you with a notice and been given a court order. We will only take tenants to court for serious breaches of the tenancy agreement including:

  • Rent arrears.
  • Nuisance and harassment (anti-social behaviour).
  • Property damage.
  • Refusal to move out if the property becomes unsafe.

If you receive a notice please contact us immediately. Wherever possible we will try to resolve problems without going to court.