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Here is your opportunity to get involved

At Regenda Homes we are offering all tenants a wide range of opportunities to be involved in the management of your housing, including the ability to influence strategies, the formulation of housing related policies, and the delivery of services. 

It is important for us to listen to you about how we can improve. There are a number of ways for you to talk to us and get involved that can be quick and simple from the comfort of your own home or through more involved routes.

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Our Offer

By joining one of groups you will: 

  • Help us to understand our customers’ needs better 

  • Build a stronger partnership between Regenda and its customers 

  • Listen to and act on feedback through resident involvement 

  • Be sign posted to training opportunities and conferences 

  • Improve your analytical skills and information gathering skills 

  • Incentives considered 

  • Make new friends along the way! 

Here are the ways you can get involved. Join in and share your experience or interest in issues affecting you and help us understand how we can improve the service: 

Resident Voice Panel

Our Resident Voice Panel acts as a critical friend, challenges and provides constructive feedback

  • Time commitment of at least 60 hours per year 
  • Face to face and online 
  • Quarterly meetings face to face (3 hours per meeting) 
  • Monthly training sessions online (1 hour per session) 


  • Salaried position 
  • Lots of opportunities to learn, develop and grow 
  • Excellent opportunities to get to know people and work as par tof a team on a regular basis. 

Find out more here: Resident Voice Panel

Readers Panel

Being part of our readers panel means reviewing written communications to customers.  To ensure that our communication is effective and meets the needs of all our customers 

  • Time commitment – 2 hours per project 
  • Online or by post 
  • No more than 6 projects per year 


  • Ensure that written communication is fit for purpose 
  • Feedback given at a time and location that suits the customer 
  • No long term commitment required 
  • £25 Love2Shop Voucher for reviewing five pieces of written communication.


Customer Feedback Panel

Our Customer Feedback Panel provides feedback on how a complaint has been handled by Regenda and Redwing. The panel reviews and challenges to ensure that Regenda and Redwing provide an appropriate response to all formal complaints. The panel also supports us to monitor and improve how complaints are handled. 

  • Time commitment – 2 hours per meeting
  • Face to face and/or online 
  • Quarterly meetings 


  • Opportunity to make a difference to key services that customers receive 
  • £25 Love 2 Shop voucher for every meeting attended

Scrutiny Panel

The role of scrutiny is to take a detailed look at the services Regenda and Redwing provides, drive improvements from a customer perspective and be a ‘critical friend’. To carry out independent reviews on specific topics or services and make recommendations to improve services. Findings and recommendations made will be put forward to the Resident Voice Panel who will constructively challenge Regenda and Redwing with these findings. 

  • Time commitment – approximately 20 hours per year 
  • Face to face 
  • Twice yearly 


  • Opportunity to meet new people and work closely with them in a team 
  • Gain new skills and develop existing ones. 
  • £35 Love2Shop Voucher upon completion of each case

Focus Groups

These are focussed discussions on specific topics. Customers can match themselves against focus group opportunities based on their own interests. 

  • Time commitment – approximately 2 hours per session 
  • Face to face and/or online 
  • No more than four a year 


  • No long term commitment required 
  • Explore important issues in a friendly environment 
  • Focus groups conducted online meaning that you can take part from a location that suits you 
  • £25 Love2Shop Voucher for every focus group attended.

Scheme and Estate Inspections

Our neighbourhood teams carry out regular estate inspections in all areas. We carry out estate inspections to monitor the appearance and upkeep of our estates. It also gives residents and staff the chance to work together to make their estates a better place to live!

  • No long term commitment required 
  • Time commitment – 1 hour per inspection
  • Frequency – Quarterly 
  • £15 Love2Shop Voucher for attending each scheme inspection and sharing feedback 

If you'd like to join one of our estate inspections, please contact us or check the meeting place listed on the links below for the specific estate inspection. We look forward to seeing you there. 

Find out what we have done recently in your area as a result of our estate inspections:

Estate inspections for Cheshire
Estate inspections for Greater Manchester
Estate inspections for Lancashire
Estate inspections for Merseyside


Surveys and Feedback

We currently have a number of surveys relating to the Tenant Satisfaction Measures as well as repairs and complaints. 

  • Time commitment – approximately 3 minutes 
  • Telephone call, on line or text message 


  • Quick way of giving Regenda and Redwing important feedback on services 
  • Feedback can be given at a time that suits the customer 
  • Feedback can be provided in a variety of ways 
  • No long term commitment required. 
  • There are lots of ways to provide feedback on our services. To find out more or to make a complaint: 

    Send us feedback


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