How we calculate your rent

How we calculate your rent

Social rents

Social and affordable rents are set each year using the rate of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) inflation plus 1% and are subject to a limit set by Government. The CPI figure used is the figure from September of the year before the increase takes place. In 2023, CPI was 11.1% and the Government applied a cap of 7% on general needs housing.

We are allowed to uplift formula rents by up to a further 5% for general needs properties and 10% for supported housing properties. This uplift helps us to continue to improve your homes and our service to you, build much needed new homes across the region, and invest in the communities where you live.

Secure rents

If you have a secured tenancy, your rent will be reviewed every two years in line with rules of your tenancy agreement. Regenda has to make an application to the valuation office for a rent review and you will be written to when this has been registered.

What does my rent cover?

Your rent pays for:

  • Repairs to your home and surrounding neighbourhood
  • Improvements to your home, such as new bathrooms and kitchens
  • Offices and staff costs.

When will my rent change?

Any changes to your rent are effective from the increase date specified in your tenancy agreement unless otherwise notified.

How will I be told about any change in my rent?

You will be given a minimum notice period of 28 days for a weekly charge or one month for a monthly charge, If applicable, you will be served a rent increase notice that is headed: ‘Section 13(2) of the Housing Act 1988.  Form number 4B’.

This notice is the legal notification that your rent is going to change. It will tell you what your rent is now, how much it will be changing to and the date this new charge will be applicable from.

What if I think the increase in my rent is too much?

Please contact us so we can explain why your rent is going up. 

If you are not satisfied with the answer, then in most cases you can refer the rent increase notice to a Rent Tribunal, an independent panel who will compare the proposed rent to similar properties in your area. They can determine a lower rent or a higher rent. Please note that this only applies if your rent has been increased by the Section 13 notice.Guidance notes are supplied with the rent increase notice, which advise you how to ask for an independent review.