Environmental services specifications

Cleaning, window cleaning and gardening services are provided by our in-house contractor, M&Y Maintenance and Construction.

There are three different specifications for cleaning; bronze, silver and gold. These have been determined by the need for specific sites in collaboration with staff who work within our communities. If you are unsure of the frequency of our visits please contact us and we will be able to let you know, as this varies depending on the needs of each site.

The specifications are to be adhered to by all contractors and all customers should expect the same service regardless of who is providing it.

If you are a leaseholder, you may not receive services from M&Y Maintenance and Construction. However, we will endeavour to provide schedules from external contractors and these will be displayed in communal areas.

You can view the specifications via the links below.

Cleaning and window cleaning bronze.pdf [pdf] 95KB

Cleaning and window cleaning silver.pdf [pdf] 73KB

Cleaning and window cleaning gold.pdf [pdf] 57KB

M&Y Gardening maintenance specification [pdf] 106KB