Repairs update

I want to report a new repair 

We’ve had to make changes to our repairs service to ensure that we are able to deal with the volume of repairs we are currently receiving. From 5th July 2021, we will pause our non-urgent repairs programme, meaning we will not take any new repairs for four weeks from this date. 

Across the sector, Covid-19 continues to have an impact on resources and material supply. We have also seen the number of repairs being reported to us each month increase by 25%. As a result of this, it’s currently taking over 40 days for a first appointment. We understand that waiting so long for isn’t ideal, and we want to try and reduce this as soon as we can. This is why, from 5th July, we will be pausing all new, non-urgent repair requests for four weeks.  

 Examples of non-urgent repairs include: 

  • cleaning or repairing gutters or downpipes 

  • easing or re-fitting doors or window-sashes  

  • repairs to internal or external doors or frames, except where they pose a security or fire risk 

  • plasterwork repairs 

  • repairs to floors or floor tiling, except where they present a trip hazard 

  • repairs to chimney pots, stacks, cowls or caps, roof tiles or lead flashings 

  • repairs to fire hearths, surrounds and side tiles 

  • repairs to working kitchen fittings and work tops. 

If you have an emergency or urgent repair, please don’t wait to report it to us. We will continue to carry out emergency repairs during this time, including: 

  • Damage to doors or windows which pose a fire, security or privacy breech  

  • Loss of heat and hot water 

  • A leak that you are not able to control 

  • A trip hazard that poses a health and safety risk  

  • Total loss of power. 

We will continue to carry out gas and electrical repairs. 

We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause and will provide an update before the end of the four-week period to let you know what our next steps are. We hope that by pausing non-urgent repairs for four weeks and recruiting additional staff, we’ll be in a better position to reduce waiting times. 

I have already reported a repair  

If you reported your repair before 5 July 2021, you should have received an appointment for us to carry this out.  

We know you're waiting longer than usual for your non-urgent repair to be carried out and we are sorry for the delay. Non-urgent repairs are currently taking 40 days for a first appointment. In a small number of cases, we may need to come back to carry out additional works. If that is the case, these are taking an additional 40 days to complete. Emergency repairs will continue to be treated as a priority.  

If you are not home when we attend to complete your non-urgent repair, it will be cancelled and we will not call out again. Please call us on 0344 736 0066 to arrange a new appointment. 

Safety checks and other services 

We will continue to carry out all safety checks, including annual gas servicing, so please ensure you allow access for us to carry out these essential appointments. 

We will continue to carry out damp and structural inspections to homes and will arrange appointments to carry out any urgent work needed. 

Grounds maintenance, window cleaning and cleaning in communal areas will continue.