Our history

A story of regeneration

The name Regenda is a combination of “regeneration” and “agenda”, reflecting our purpose: we regenerate places to create opportunities for people. 

The Regenda Group is well established. Formed in 2001, within 10 years it was joined by five housing associations, dating back to 1963: West Pennine and the Limehurst Village Trust in Oldham, Templar in Macclesfield, Wyre in Poulton-le-Fylde and Maritime in Liverpool. Together, we gained a reputation for innovation.

We strengthened our Independent Living, property development and regeneration services. In 2009, we saw an opportunity to provide a better value repairs service by buying M&Y Maintenance and Construction. We went on to increase our commercial activity, creating Redwing Living (our private rent, sale, property management and shared ownership company) and acquiring Alder Training (which provides training and apprenticeships in health, dental and care, as well as business, housing and customer services). These commercial enterprises contribute some of their profits to enable Regenda Homes to provide affordable housing and social projects. 

In the last few years, we have added to our portfolio, welcoming to the Group the Petrus Community (homelessness charity), Centre 56 (child care for those suffering from domestic abuse) and Positive Footprints (personal development for young people).

We now own or manage around 13,000 properties in the North West. We're experienced, innovative and we get results. 


2023 Ecogee, specialists in energy efficient retrofit and construction where welcomes into the Regenda Group to support the delivery of net zero targets within the property sector.


2020 The National Communities and Resource Centre (NCRC) at Trafford Hall joined The Regenda Group.


2019  Alder Training rebranded to become The Learning Foundry, and moved into new offices on Renshaw Street, Liverpool.


2018  Positive Footprints and Centre 56 joined The Regenda Group.


2017  Alder Training joined The Regenda Group.


2016  Petrus Community joined The Regenda Group.

2015  Regenda Homes Limited changed its name to Redwing Living Limited, a society registered under the Cooperative and Community Benefit Societies Act 2014.

2011  Regenda Limited, Templar Housing Association, West Pennine Housing Association and Wyre Housing Association joined together to form Regenda Limited, a charitable Industrial and Provident Society, on 21 April. Maritime Housing Association changed its name to Regenda Homes Limited, an Industrial and Provident Society.

2009  Limehurst Village Trust converted to a charitable Industrial and Provident Society and merged with West Pennine Housing Association. M&Y Joinery and Building Maintenance Limited became a subsidiary of Regenda Limited.

2005  Wyre Housing joined The Regenda Group.

2004  West Pennine Housing Association joined The Regenda Group.

2001  Regenda Limited was incorporated on 4 Dec as company limited by guarantee.

1997  Limehurst Village Trust, a subsidiary of West Pennine Housing Association, registered as a company limited by guarantee on 6 June.

1995  Wyre Housing Association registered as an Industrial and Provident Society 4 May.

1974  Templar Housing Association registered as an Industrial and Provident Society 5 April.

1973  West Pennine Housing Association registered as an Industrial and Provident Society 13 April.

1963  Maritime Housing Association registered as an Industrial and Provident Society 13 March.