Your rent

Your rent is extremely important. Not only does it pay for your home but it also ensures that we can provide a high standard of service to all our residents.

You will be given a detailed breakdown of rent and service charges when you sign your tenancy agreement. 

If you pay a service charge (which covers things like cleaning, lighting and heating of communal areas), this is usually added to the rent so you will pay one overall amount.

Rent Increase 2023/2024

The government sets rules on how much housing associations can increase their rent by, and we follow these rules to calculate any changes to your rent each year. 

We use your rent to deliver services like carrying out repairs and maintenance and delivering investment works, such as fitting new kitchens and bathrooms and carrying our energy efficiency work.  

What will my rent charge be in 2023/24? 

In April 2020, the government told registered providers that they could apply an annual rent increase of Consumer Price Index (CPI) plus 1% for social rent and affordable rent properties until at least 2025.  

However, in December 2022, the government capped the rent increase at 7% for general needs social and affordable rent homes, meaning that housing associations could not raise rents higher than this. This cap did not include supported housing accommodation. 

This is because the cost to provide specialist services within supported housing accommodation is significantly higher than at general needs properties and has increased over recent years. 

We will write to you when your rent increase is due to let you know what your new charges will be.