Your rent

Regenda rent illustrations Your rent is extremely important. Not only does it pay for your home but it also ensures that we can provide a high standard of service to all our residents.

You will be given a detailed breakdown of rent and service charges when you sign your tenancy agreement. 

If you pay a service charge (which covers things like cleaning, lighting and heating of communal areas), this is usually added to the rent so you will pay one overall amount.

Rent Increase 2020/2021

Over the previous four years, social landlords were required to reduce rent by 1% annually. In February 2019, the Government set out the new policy statement for rents on social housing effective. As of from 1 April 2020 annual rent increases will be permitted on both social rent and affordable rent properties of up to Consumer Price Index (CPI) at September 2019 which equalled 1.7% plus 1%, for at least the next five years. If you have a secured tenancy your rent will be reviewed as per your tenancy agreement.

This increase will help us to continue to improve our service to you, build much needed new homes across the region, and invest in the communities where you live.

To help answer any questions you may have and understand what support is available please visit Your Questions Answered for more information.