About your tenancy

Your tenancy agreement is a legal contract between you (the tenant) and us (the landlord).

The agreement sets out your rights and responsibilities, information about rent and service charges and what services you can expect from us.

You should keep the document in a safe place.

Once you sign your tenancy agreement you are bound by its terms and conditions and you agree:Your tenancy Regenda graphic

  • To pay your rent on time.
  • Not to cause anti-social behaviour or be a nuisance.
  • To keep your property clean, tidy and decorated.
  • To keep your garden or yard (if you have one) tidy and clear of rubbish.
  • To report any repairs or damage to Regenda.
  • Not to use the property for illegal or immoral purposes.
  • Not to run a business from the property without written permission.
  • Not to make any alterations or adaptation without written permission.

Sole and joint tenancies

Tenancy agreements can be signed by one person as a sole tenancy or shared between two or more people as a joint tenancy.

If you are a sole tenant and want to add someone to the tenancy, we may agree to set up a joint tenancy but in most cases we will ask you to prove that the new person has been living with you for more than 12 months.

If you are part of a joint tenancy and one person wants to leave, we may agree to remove a tenant.

All changes to tenancy agreements must be formally agreed by Regenda and the affected tenants.