Report anti-social behaviour

Before reporting ASB, we encourage you (where it is safe to do so) to talk to the person causing the problem. They may not have even realised their behaviour is having an impact on you and may resolve the problem quickly.

If the problem continues we can help you. You will need to keep an accurate record of what’s going on. Keeping an incident diary will help us understand the situation and what action should be taken.

How to report ASB

You can report anti social behaviour in the following ways:

Please report criminal behaviour, including threats or acts of violence, to the Police by calling 999.

Why do I need to tell you my name and contact information?

We are unable to investigate anonymous reports as we progress ASB cases by gathering evidence and working with the victim(s).

We need your details so we can contact you for more information and keep you updated on what we’re doing to help.

Please be assured that your details will remain confidential and we will never share your information without prior consent.


What happens after I’ve reported ASB?

We will contact you to assess your report and inform you of the next steps and who will be dealing with your case within two working days.

The officer will support you throughout the investigation and work with you, your neighbours, the police and other agencies to put a stop to the anti-social behaviour.

If a resident doesn’t stop behaving in an anti-social way, we will enforce measures in our tenancy agreement and any appropriate legal action.

Anyone who feels their complaints about anti-social behaviour have not been properly investigated can now trigger a review using a new tool under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill, known as Community Trigger. To use Community Trigger, contact your Local Authority.