How to use your heating controls

How to use your electric storage heater controls

  • Controls are usually on the top of the storage heater. There will be two controls: an input and an output button.
  • The input button controls how much heat is stored: it should be set higher in cold weather and on low in milder weather.
  • The output button controls how much heat is given out. The warmer you want the room, the higher this should be set. It should be on a low setting during the day and at night when you are in bed (lowest if you are out). It should be turned up at night or when extra heat is required.
  • Remember to put the output control down about half an hour before you go to bed or leave the house.
  • Each room can be controlled individually using the controls on the heater.
  • During the summer if no heating is required the storage heater can be turned off at the wall switch.


How to use your gas central heating controls

There are four main controls to look for:


Central heating dial

central heating dial


  • Set to “on” or”1” to have the radiators on constantly.
  • Set to “off” or “0” to turn the radiators off all the time.
  • The clock indicates the times the heating nd water will be switched on.


The timer

heating timer

  • The timer allows you to pre-set the times when your heating comes on.
  • Twist the dial until the grey hands show the current time.
  • Each pin around the edge represents a 15 minute period as shown by the 24 hour clock around the outside.
  • Slide pins in for the heating to be on and outwards if you want the heating off.


The radiator valve

radiator valve

  • Radiator valves give you even more control over the temperature in each room.
  • Turn the valve to a low setting in rooms you don’t use often, and turn them to a higher setting in rooms you need to be warm.


The thermostat


  • Most people find a temperature of between 19-21°C comfortable.
  • Just turn the thermostat to select the temperature which is right for you.