Modern Slavery Act 2015

Compliance Statement 2020
This Compliance Statement sets out Regenda’s commitment to preventing, identifying and reporting modern slavery and human trafficking in its business activities.

The Statement relates to the financial year 2019/2020 and covers all organisations within the Group (as detailed below).

The Group strives to promote ethical behaviours across the whole business including recruitment, operational procedures and behaviours within our own workforce and in the relationships with our supply chain.

Our Organisational Structure
Regenda Limited, trading as Regenda Homes, is a provider of social housing and related services in the social housing sector and is the parent organisation for the Regenda Group that includes:

· Redwing Living Limited

· M&Y Maintenance & Construction Limited

· McDonald Property Rentals Limited

· Petrus Community

· The Learning Foundry Limited

· Centre 56 Limited

· Positive Footprint Networks Limited

· Regenda Developments Limited

The Group has over 700 employees and operates in England.

It should be noted that whilst this Modern Slavery Act Statement applies to the whole Group, only Regenda Limited’s turnover is in excess of £36m that is a requirement for compliance under the Act.

Our Business Activities
As well as providing social housing, the organisations within the Group also provide homes for part ownership, outright sale and associated housing management services.  In addition services also include associated maintenance and construction services both inside and outside the group; supported housing services; property letting; training & apprenticeships; career-based learning and childcare services.

All organisations within the Regenda Group work hard to make sure they are ethical businesses and we want to make sure we only work with organisations that have the same commitment.  

Our Supply Chains
We do not have any supply chain outside the United Kingdom but we want to make sure that there is no modern slavery or human trafficking in the supply chains we work with and we have done this by:

· Ensuring new suppliers declare they are not involved in modern slavery or human trafficking

· Identifying regular contractors to receive Safeguarding training.


Risk Management and Due Diligence 

The Group has a number of policies that we believe assist in the detection and prevention of Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking that include:

· Safeguarding Adults at Risk Policy

· Safeguarding Children at Risk Policy

· Whistleblowing Policy

· Anti-Fraud Policy

· Code of Conduct

· Financial Regulations (including procurement)

Staff Awareness
As an employer the Regenda Group carries out the necessary checks for all new starters that includes eligibility to work in the UK as well as DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service) for all staff working with vulnerable customers.

The Whistleblowing Policy has recently been reviewed and all staff have undergone awareness sessions so that they are clear on the process for raising concerns.

The Safeguarding Policy has been separated so that we now have a dedicated policy for Adults and Children. Training sessions have been held with all staff on these new policies and how concerns should be raised to the Safeguarding Team. This training is also being extended to volunteers and agency staff.

Ongoing Action
We will continue to review our response to the prevention of modern slavery and human trafficking over the next 12 months by:

· Continuing to raise awareness with staff with a particular emphasis on those staff working with vulnerable groups or in areas that have been identified as having a high predication for modern slavery or human trafficking led by the Safeguarding Team.

· Implementation of SHE Health & Safety Software that as well as managing a range of health & safety activities will also improve the reporting and management of safeguarding cases.

Regenda will take steps to report any suspected or actual acts of modern slavery or human trafficking to the relevant authorities.

This statement is made under section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 for the financial year ending 31 March 2020 during which time the turnover of the Group exceeded £36 million.

This statement has been approved by Regenda’s Executive Team and Group Board. It applies to all organisations within the Group and will be reviewed every year.

Michael Birkett signature
Dr Michael Birkett
Group Chief Executive