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A green agenda for Regenda

The Regenda Group is playing its part in the battle against climate change through renewable energy.

We power all of our offices, including those of our six subsidiary companies, and all 35 communal areas in apartment blocks across the North West, with electricity that is guaranteed to be made up by at least 95% renewables.

In areas where gas is still required, we have introduced 10% bio fuel to reduce the consumption of traditional gas. Bio fuel is created by the decomposition of natural materials and is often referred to as landfill gas.

Since re-procuring its energy contracts in the summer, and guaranteeing the use of renewable electricity, we have been using a mix of windpower, photovoltaic (PV/Solar) and hydropower.

Michael Blakeman, Service Charge Manager at The Regenda Group, said: “We were very clear that we wanted our energy to come from renewable sources, as much as possible.

“We are delighted to be able to guarantee 95% of our electricity is renewable and play our part in creating a greener world.”

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