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Regenda’s energy and recycling roadshow

Regenda’s Energy And Recycling Roadshow

Families are being encouraged to enjoy-saving energy and put the fun back into recycling.  

The Regenda Group housing association is using a quiz, a game and a competition to highlight how their residents can reduce their energy consumption and cut fuel bills.  

Locals living on the Limehurst estate in Oldham were among the first to take part in a special energy-saving roadshow where they received practical advice on how to save gas, electricity and water.

While the adults were learning how to be more energy efficient, their children and grandchildren were putting the fun back into recycling by creating 25 robots from household rubbish!

Regenda resident Sue Hubbard, who cut her household energy bills by more than 50 per cent half after monitoring her energy use for six months, was on hand to offer helpful hints.   

 "As a family we have now reduced our gas bill from £66 to £30 a month and our electricity bill has dropped from £44 to £21 a month. We quickly discovered that when you start to monitor your energy use and make small changes in the way you behave, you soon start to save it," said Sue.

At the event, residents answered energy-related questions and took part in a quiz to guess which household appliances used the most or the least electricity.

United Utilities is supporting the Regenda initiative, advising residents on how to save water and possibly switching to a water meter. 

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