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Resident receives support from our gas safety team

Resident gas safety story

Thanks to our gas safety team, a resident now has a brand new central heating system.

Regenda Homes resident, Paula*, suffers with cancer and COPD, making her house bound.

Over a year ago, her gas was capped as her central heating system was condemned.

Due to her illness, Paula could not cope with the work required to replace her central heating system, particularly as the dust and dirt would make her illness worse.

Emma, a Tenant Liaison Officer, became aware of Paula’s situation through her Housing Officer. Emma was concerned about Paula’s wellbeing, especially as she was only using temporary heaters as her primary heat source, and went to see Paula in her home.

After talking to Paula and helping her understand what Regenda could do, Emma worked with Paula’s nurse and carer for her to visit a day centre while the work was done in her home. Regenda arranged for the whole job to be completed in one day, to ensure as little disturbance to Paula as possible.

Paula received a new electrical fire suite, and Emma cleaned up all the dust and dirt before Paula got home. Handrails were also installed, making accessing her own home much easier.

With a new central heating system and new handrails, Paula is now much happier in her home.

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*Paula is a fictional name to protect the resident's identity.

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