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The Regenda Group successfully trains all of its workforce in mental health awareness

The Regenda Group has become one of the first organisations to provide mental health awareness training to all its staff.


We partnered with the national mental health charity, Chasing the Stigma, to deliver its Ambassadors of Hope mental health training program to nearly 700 staff.


Ambassadors of Hope is a fully Ofqual accredited 20-minute training programme, giving staff a better understanding of mental health and advice on providing signposting to those who need help via the free Hub of Hope app. It also provides information on how to deal with a mental health crisis.


We have also installed the Hub of Hope app, which was?created by Chasing the Stigma, onto all work smart phones. The app enables people to find local, national and grassroots support at the click of a button and is the UK’s most comprehensive nationwide mental health support database. 


Michael Birkett, CEO at The Regenda Group, said: “We are delighted to provide all of our staff with mental health awareness training through The Ambassadors of Hope programme.


“At The Regenda Group we are passionate about creating a workplace that is positive about mental health and where support is readily accessible.


“The Ambassadors of Hope training programme will equip each of our employees with a baseline understanding of mental health issues, how to provide support and how taboos associated with mental health can be challenged. 


“The Regenda Group is extremely proud to be the first organisation in the country to successfully deliver this innovative and valuable training programme to its entire workforce.” 


Jake Mills, CEO of Chasing the Stigma, said:“I would like to congratulate The Regenda Group on being the first regeneration business in the UK to fully train its staff in mental health awareness, through the Ambassadors of Hope programme.


“This commitment goes beyond standard organisational policies and procedures and a clear step towards real understanding of mental health and the creation of a workplace where staff are empowered to both seek and provide mental health support without fear of stigma or judgement.”


Chasing the Stigma was set up by comedian and writer, Jake Mills, who battled depression in 2013. After months of internal turmoil, Jake attempted to take his own life but was discovered before it was too late and made a full recovery. After opening up about his battle on social media, Jake was inundated with messages from people asking for help and this led him to launch the national mental health awareness charity. 


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