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Traineeships bring work back into focus for Liverpool student

Alder Training, a Liverpool based training provider, is looking to help young people unlock their potential.

Through its traineeship programmes, Alder Training is offering a flexible programme which prepares young people for their future career by helping them to become ‘work ready’.

The latest programme ran over summer and already young people on Merseyside are reaping the benefits.

James Kirk is an administration apprentice at The Regenda Group, based in Liverpool city centre.  After leaving school without his English and maths qualifications, James spent two years in college studying two different vocational courses before a family bereavement meant he left. Following the 18-week traineeship course, James is now excelling in the world of work and has found his drive again.

James said: “After I left school I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to do next so I originally signed up to study ICT Level 2 at college. I’d always been pretty good with computers and so it seemed like a natural fit.

“The course was heavily based around repairing computers and I found myself coasting. It wasn’t particularly difficult, and it just didn’t spark anything in me. I then decided to study engineering, mainly because my Dad is an engineer.

Despite finding a natural talent for engineering and enjoying the course, James quit following a change in personal circumstances

“The teachers at my college were amazing howeve, I felt like something had changed in me at the time and I decided to leave college and pursue a career in the army, something my grandad had often talked to me about.”

During his time at army college, James injured himself training and was forced to drop out. Confused as to what to do next, James was introduced to Alder Training’s traineeship programme by his sister.

Alder Training’s fully funded 18-week programme gives young people the skills future employers are looking for and helps them become work ready. Trainees receive dedicated career support and guidance, support with vocational English and maths qualifications, and undertake eight weeks real life work experience in their chosen field. 

“I had never considered a traineeship or studying business administration as an option, but I was keen to try and pass my English and maths.”

The traineeship course sparked James’ drive and gave him purpose. The course mixed learning with work placement and was something completely different to what he had experienced before.

“The first thing I noticed about Alder Training and the traineeship course was it didn’t matter if you hadn’t passed exams previously or if you had dropped out of college, all the team cared about was that you wanted to change your direction and make a difference in your life.

“I passed my English and maths, something that I thought I would never do, and I had to learn quickly about the world of work and what was required of me on a daily basis.

“I learnt so much about myself and how I needed to adapt and always challenge myself. I got out of bed every morning with purpose and applied myself constantly throughout my work placement at The Regenda Group.”

James’ hard work paid off and at the end of his traineeship he was taken on by The Regenda Group as an administrator apprentice in the Asset Management Team. He will shortly start studying for his Business Admin qualification, which will be delivered by Alder Training.

“I am really enjoying my role in the team at The Regenda Group and I finally feel like I’ve found a career path to follow.

“Alder Training gave me the tools to turn my life around and focus, and now I am better set than ever before to excel in the world of work.”

Alder Training is currently recruiting for its latest exciting traineeship programme, Picture Your Future. Open to young people aged 16- 18 years old who are not currently in employment, education or training living in Merseyside or the surrounding areas. During the course, trainees will have the opportunity to take part in  8 weeks real life work experience, selecting from a range of career areas including, business administration, customer services, childcare, dental, housing or property management, construction, or health and social care. The fully funded 18-week programme is the perfect opportunity to get work ready and explore career opportunities.

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