Give it a Go! (Oldham)


Give it a Go! was a project aimed at encouraging, supporting and developing residents and tenants across Oldham into self-employment, with a focus specifically on young people under the age of 25.

Led by Regenda, it was a partnership between Oldham MBC, Oldham Business Leaders Group, HACT, Contour Homes and Aksa Homes.

The project looked at ways in which it could help tenants and residents break the cycle of dependency on low paid, part-time work, by unlocking their entrepreneurial talent and empowering them to be more self-dependent and successful.

The project provided tenants and residents with:

  • 1-2-1 specialist support, encouragement and guidance, helping people to develop their business ideas
  • Support and access to relevant training and skills;
  • Access to a growing local network of new business start-ups, helping people to collaborate and win new business / share ideas and jointly overcome problems
  • Small, easy to access business start-up grants and loans via a simple and responsive application process.


Project dates:

The project ran from March 2015 – August 2015.

Achieved outputs and impacts

The feedback given from residents and tenants was very positive. Almost without exception every person stated that the support they received as part of the project was excellent. 

- how many people were seen - 22

- how many advised - 19

- how many pre start - 9

- how many fledgling - 7

- how many growth / business development - 2


Details of the new business starts.  What type.  Where. By whom. 

A range of different business ideas, the most common being child minders with 5 ladies looking to follow this type of self employment.


“I just want to say thank you for the support from GIAG. This helped me to start my business from home which I could not have done without the support and guidance I received from this project. It has given me the confidence to do things I thought I could not do. So thank you for everything.”  (Aksa tenant)

“The support was very helpful and gave us information regarding our business. The funding helped us in many ways as well. Thank you.”  (Contour tenants)

Partner feedback

“The GIAG pilot has proven the value of partnership working, effectively bringing together housing, public, private and social enterprise sectors.

Some great outcomes have been achieved by the team and a credible track record has been realised which substantiates the need to continue delivering business start-up and support services in our

communities” (Andrea D’Avanza- Contour Homes)


For further details, please contact Chris Standish, Regeneration and Enterprise Manager, Regenda Homes.