Limehurst Arts Society

Project Overview:

The Limehurst Arts Society is an ongoing community arts programme that embeds art and culture into the fabric of the community through a sustained programme of grass roots activity. It is focused on supporting people to realise their potential through creativity and art, delivering wellbeing outcomes especially when embedded into a place-based regeneration approach. Developed with residents and community groups the programme is an integral part of the 10 year Vision to regenerate Limehurst and Hollinwood

The Limehurst Arts Society project which developed from this partnership has attracted an additional £60,000 investment from Arts Council England.

The Limehurst Arts Society currently has 450 members, who earn loyalty stamps for participating in workshops, projects, trips and events.

Timescale of project:Limehurst arts lobster Regenda


Partners Involved

Arts Council England, Heritage Lottery Fund, local community groups, Oldham Council, Contour Homes, the Hollinwood Partnership

Outcomes achieved:

  • 6 local schools engaged
  • 450 Members
  • £70k of external funding secured
  • 1079 participants with an audience of around 19,000 people.
  • 8 local residents enrolled on an accredited 10 week course to develop their skills to run arts workshops with schools and community groups
  • The Limehurst Craft Enterprise group established
  • 17 active volunteers

What our users/customers say:

“It has made me feel happier for the social interaction.  It makes me feel a lot happier to be doing something”

Layla Stenson, Resident and Limehurst Arts Society Member

What our clients say:

“The Arts Society is one of the most innovative community arts programmes we’ve been involved with.  It has engaged some of the most difficult to reach in the community, helping those in most need on the journey to transforming their lives”

Annie O’Neil, Arts Manager, Oldham Council