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Regenda Homes makes significant donation to Wirral food bank

Regenda Homes has made a significant donation to help support a local food bank in Wirral.

The Little Centre in Beechwood has been helping vulnerable families access food thanks to work from Councillor Julie McManus, Bidston and St. James.

The scheme is funded and delivered in partnership by Regenda Homes, Beechwood, Ballantyne & Bidston Village Big Local, Onward, Metro Mayor and The Little Centre.

Julie said, “The aim of our project is simple: to make sure wherever possible that we are able to support those residents on the estate who are struggling to put food on the table and / or the means to pay for fuel as a result of Isolation and additional costs as a result of the situation relating to self- employment, loss of employment, reduction in pay due to closure or pre-existing financial issues.

“We have received some very sobering feedback with people telling us they don't know how they would have coped without our help. One grandmother asked for help for her single daughter who has three young children, the grandmother was caring for her partner who is undergoing cancer treatment and she was worried about her daughter, as she didn't have any money and was self-isolating.

“That young woman could not believe the food parcel was for her and kept asking me if I was sure it was all for her. The grandmother later text me to say she was so relieved, and her mind was at rest now her daughter and grandchildren were looked after. The situation has reduced me to tears on occasions.”

Peter Bond, Housing and Neighbourhood Services Team Leader at Regenda Homes, said: “It is important that we continue to signpost and provide support for our tenants during this difficult time. By contributing to services like The Little Centre in Beechwood we can do our bit to protect the most vulnerable people in our community.”

Regenda Homes staff will continue to refer local residents to the service if they are in need of assistance.

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