• Limehurst arts focuses on supporting people to realise their potential through creativity and art. Learn more.

  • Ways2Wages which was launched in May 2017, is a free, friendly and vibrant advice, guidance and support service for individuals looking for assistance with career options in Merseyside and Oldham. Learn more.

Regeneration - intro

Regenda Homes #BeyondRegen team transforms lives and communities. We can add value to your project with strategic services tailored to your needs.

Our integrated place-based approaches in Limehurst and Fleetwood are outstanding examples of innovative partnership working that lead to long term impacts. By thinking big and putting creativity at the heart of our work, we are very effective at engaging with residents. The work we have done has saved clients time and money – learning from us to help them to improve their own communities.

Come and talk to us, our clients and customers and see how we can help you with your regeneration plans.


Beyond Partnership