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  You said We did
January 2020

In September 2019 we held a large consultation with social housing residents from across the Northwest.  Some of the feedback from the residents was: Utilise more resident input.  Consult residents on how money is spent.  Use resident groups for advice on how the association is run.

In response to this feedback the Customer Experience Team has arranged two focus groups to consult with residents on changes within the business.  In December 2019 we organised a focus a group asking residents their opinion on the Financial Inclusion letters sent to our residents.  In January 2020, our Business Transformation team are holding a focus group involving our residents in Regenda’s performance and target setting.  

The review of housing services by residents is an important part of performance management and measuring how well Regenda is doing. We will ensure we continue in resident participation activities so that our residents can influence how services are delivered and have a say in how the Association is managed.

August 2019 Residents requested for repair follow on work to be prioritised to reduce the overall length of time to complete the repair The asset team have developed a new contact number exclusive to operatives so they have easier access to planners to book a new appointment whilst on site. This will reduce the wait time for another appointment.
August 2019 Residents requested a text message or card drop to be sent customer who has reported an external repair to inform them the repair has been completed.  Regenda have implemented a 'on our way' text messaging service which will send a message to all customer when our contractors are on the way.  This will let customers know when operatives have attended.
August 2019 A disabled customer had to wait 20 days for a ‘none urgent repair’, which is within the service level agreement.  The outstanding repair impacted on the customer’s wellbeing and quality of life.  As all customers are not the same, some cases should be assessed on the customer’s individual needs as to whether the repair is urgent or not. Our policy has been amended to ensure that this is reflected, the customer service centre are aware that they are able to use their discretion where required to get jobs booked in faster.
May 2019 A resident from Newton – Le – Willows commented on the gardening service.  The gardeners have only been once this month and the job wasn’t up to standard

The environmental services officer has had a meeting with M&Y gardeners, they have had problems staffing, but has since recruited more gardeners to meet the service standard.  Regenda will continue to monitor the service

March 2019 The Customer Inspectors have conducted a review on our day to day repair service.  A resident gave feedback on the repairs to her roof. She expressed she was still waiting for the repair.  The Resident Engagement Officer apologised to the resident for the wait and contacted our Asset Team. It was  confirmed the quote has been recieved and authorised. The resident was happy with the outcome.
February 2019 Customer Inspectors noticed quite a bit of litter at the Old Court house in the Wirral.  M&Y gardeners have visited the scheme and removed the litter. There is a council waste bin near the property which can overflow. Regenda have spoken to the Council about this. M&Y have also been made aware and clear rubbish each time they visit.
December 2018 A Customer Inspector noticed the cleaning specification at Camelot Way, Runcorn was out of date. We have since replaced the cleaning specification on the notice board.
November 2018 Customer Inspectors reported leaves in the commual area that could cause a slipping hazard and some fly tipping.

It was arranged for the gardeners to remove the leaves immediately and the caretakers removed the fly tipping.

November 2018 A Customer Inspector visited The Lakes in Birkenhead. They reported fly tipping and dirty communal windows and doors. The Neighbourhood team has arranged for the cleaners to revist the scheme and for caretakers to remove the rubbish.  They have written to all the residents in the scheme regarding the fly tipping.
October 2018 A Customer Inspector reported there wasn't an out of hours contact number advertised outside the Commutaion Plaza building. The sign has now been updated with a contact number.
October 2018 A Customer Inspector reported over grown weeds at 11 Well Lane flats.  The Enviromental Services Contract Manager has arranged for the gardeners to remove the weeds.
September 2018 A Customer Inspector fed back that 20 Slatey Road had weeds, rubbish, cobwebs and dust in communal areas.  The caretakers have since visited the scheme, they have removed all the weeds and rubbish. The Environmental Services Contract Manager also visited the scheme with the contract cleaners to supervise the clean and ensure cleaning was up to standard.
May 2018 A resident at Morris Court reported that she wasn't happy with the frequency of the window cleaners and requested they visit more often. After consulation, the window cleaners are now visiting Morris Court six times per year.
May 2018 A Customer Inspector reviwed Carnegie Court, Southport. It was noted that two sofas had been dumped.  A job for the caretakers to remove the sofas has been raised. 
January 2018 A customer inspector visited the reception in our Commutation Plaza office. It was recommended that we display the out of hours contact numbers and money advice leaflets for customers.  These recommendations are to be put in place.
  A resident said he was left without a cooker from Friday to Sunday because the electrics were tripping. The splash back had also come away. Inspector called, identified snagging problem. A job has been raised to rectify. 
December 2017 A mystery shopper from Merseyside gave feedback on her appointment being out of the projected timescale. A verbal apology was given to the mystery shopper and it was confirmed that in April, Regenda are planning on introducing a new DRS scheduling system, which will revolutionise the way  customers receive appointments and avoid appointments being out of timescale.
November 2017 A resident told us there was fly tipping in gardens and alleyways. The gardens were also overgrown. Our caretakers removed the fly tipped items, cut back overgrowth and did a litter pick of the area.