Love Limehurst

Limehurst is a 10 year neighbourhood regeneration project being led by Regenda Homes on behalf its residents and partners.  The people and place-based approach will see Limehurst becoming more resilient, with an active and empowered community that have the opportunity to transform their lives. 

The project involves innovative new partnerships with resident groups, other housing associations, businesses, Oldham Council and grant funding bodies.  It has recently completed its first two years of delivery and so far has;

  • Helped 72 people secure full time employment
  • Helped 71 people into part time work
  • Helped people into 19 apprenticeships
  • Assisted people in filling 53 placements and work experience opportunities
  • Helped 11 people start their own business
  • Helped 55 volunteering places to be filled by local people.
  • Helped 191 people get relevant training
  • Helped 101 people onto accredited courses.

In addition, Regenda’s long term commitment to Limehurst has secured over £5m of new investment with a further £12m proposed over the next 5 years.  There are now investments in the arts, sports and physical activity, wellbeing, public spaces and the environment.

The results are promising.  Limehurst is being seen as a place which is becoming more desirable to live in and invest in. Its perception is beginning to change as the opportunity of its people begin to be realised. 

The approach in Limehurst is being learned from and adopted in West View, Fleetwood.

For further information, please contact Chris Standish, regeneration and place manager on 01204 814512 about our regeneration programmes and services.