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Mutual Exchange: Thinking about moving home?

People move for many reasons, maybe your current home is too large or too small or perhaps you want a change of scene. If you want to move home, you may be able to transfer to another Regenda property, or to a property owned by a different housing association. 

What is Mutual Exchange? 
Through a mutual exchange, you can find a new place to live by swapping 
homes with another social housing resident.

Why choose Mutual Exchange? 

  • You can swap homes with residents anywhere in the UK – not just your local area.
  • You’re not restricted to your current landlord.
  • Swaps can involve more than one property - there are no limits to how many people can be involved in a home swap chain.
  • Advertise your home online to match with others looking to move.
  • You can nominate your own exchange partner, if you already know someone who would like to swap with you. 

How to get Mutual Exchange? 
We’ve signed up to a service called House Exchange, which means all our residents can access Mutual Exchange properties for free. 

Find out more about House Exchanges
House Exchange help you to find a suitable home within your local authority area or further afield.  We've signed up to House Exchange, which means all our residents can access the site for free. To match and move, visit or contact them at or

Already know someone who would like to House Exchange?
If you already have an exchange partner who wants to swap homes with you, you can find out more about next steps on our dedicated page and fill in application forms online.

Click here to fill in an online application form

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