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Regenda Homes and Fleetwood Together provide two residents with weeks' worth of food

Two vulnerable residents have been provided with two weeks’ worth of food thanks to the swift action of a Regenda Homes Scheme Manager and a partner agency.

Lynn Mitchell, Scheme Manager for Regenda Homes, thought to contact Fleetwood Together; a multi-agency approach to supporting people through Coronavirus (COVID-19) to help two residents who were unable to access food themselves.

One of the residents could not leave her accommodation because she suffers from extreme Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and the other has severe arthritis so is unable to carry goods.

With strict social distancing measures in place the tenants were unable to rely on friends and family who would usually help.

That’s where Regenda Homes and Fleetwood Together came in. Fleetwood Together provide local residents with advice, signposting and food boxes for those who cannot get out themselves.

Lynn said: “With consent from the residents, I rang Fleetwood Together and asked them about the food boxes – all of which contained the basic necessities to last up to 2 weeks. I told them about the situation the two ladies found themselves in and they were more than happy to deliver a parcel to each of them. The boxes arrived within 24 hours and the residents couldn’t be more thankful.

“It is vital that we as scheme managers know and understand our residents, so we can highlight who may be vulnerable during times like this. And it is equally as important to work with our partners in order to get the best results for our residents.” 

Regenda Homes and Fleetwood Together have been sharing expertise and knowledge about the region to support all of our residents across the Wyre; from helping with having shopping delivered from local stores and supermarkets to listing takeaway outlets that deliver food too.

Sheltered housing tenants have also been passing on useful information of their own, such as using Amazon to get jigsaws, paint by numbers, crafts and other activities to keep them occupied while they isolate.

Lynn went on to say: “My scheme has been keeping cheeky and cheerful, pointing out that although there will be a baby boom at the end of the year… they wanted me to know that they wouldn’t be taking part!”

“They are talking about everything happening in the gardens and have even started a Seagull count. Though we all want this pandemic to be over as soon as possible, I am definitely seeing the best of humanity during this crisis as sheltered residents keep themselves safe with humour and mental dexterity."

If you have any questions about Coronavirus (COVID-19) check out our FAQ's page here >

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