Rechargeable repairs

If the repair is your responsibility, we will charge you for the cost of the work regardless of whether the damage is accidental or deliberate. rent

The charges are calculated against the National Housing Federation schedule of rates plus current price adjustment.

What happens if I am charged for a repair?

If we carry out a repair which is your responsibility, we will re-charge you for the cost of this work regardless of whether the damage is accidental or deliberate.

The cost of the repair will be determined only on completion of the repair, based on the cost of the material and the labour. When you contact us to report a rechargeable repair we will ask you to make an initial payment based on the details you have provided to us at the time of reporting the repair.

On completion of the repair you will be expected to pay the outstanding balance. If you are unable to make the payment in full please speak to us about setting up a payment plan.

How do I pay for the repair?

If you were charged for the repair you can pay in a number of ways:

  • Credit or debit card over the telephone 0344 736 0066.
  • Standing Order (please contact us for a standing order form).
  • Cheque made payable to Regenda Limited and sent to Regenda Limited, Commutation Plaza, 1 Commutation Row, Liverpool, Merseyside L3 8QF.
  • Direct Debit/Payment card (Payzone).

If you do not pay or keep up with the agreed payment plan, we may begin County Court Proceedings. This means that you may have a County Court Judgment (CCJ) registered against you. This may be noted on your credit file and held with Credit Reference Agencies such as Experian. This may affect any future applications you may make for credit, such as hire purchase, credit cards, bank accounts, mortgages and loans.