Universal Credit

What is Universal Credit?

Universal Credit is a benefit for people of working age. It’s being introduced in stages across the country.

It’s a single monthly payment and replaces some of the benefits and tax credits that you might be getting now. If you get help paying your rent, this will be included in your monthly payment and you will be responsible for paying your rent directly to us.


Preparing for Universal Credit

To prepare for the changes you should:

  • Set up or switch to a bank or building society account that allows you to receive automated payments and set up regular payments for things like rent and bills.
  • Plan to budget monthly, rather than weekly, by working out very carefully how much money you have coming in each month and what you need to spend it on.
  • Make sure you have access to the internet (so you can manage your account online) either at home, your local library or Jobcentre Plus. You will need an email address in order to claim. If you do not have an email address, read our guide to emails to find out how to set up an email account, and how to send an email.


Setting up a Universal Credit account

This government video explains how to set up an account and claim Universal Credit.

When is Universal Credit coming to you?

The rollout of Universal Credit across Local Authority areas is now complete. DWP are currently moving any families with 3 or more children that have a change in their circumstances onto Universal Credit. The DWP will notify you of this when it happens.

Universal Credit free telephone numbers account

There are now free telephone numbers for you to call if you have any questions or need support with Universal Credit.

Changes to Universal Credit telephone numbers

Service line Freephone number
Universal Credit Live Service 0800 328 9344
Universal Credit Full Service 0800 328 5644
Universal Credit Housing Line 0800 328 3844
Universal Credit Sanctions Line (not currently in use) 0800 328 9744
Universal Credit Live to Full Service transfers 0800 328 7844
Universal Credit / Work Age Welsh line 0800 328 1744
Universal Credit text phone 0800 328 1344