Grove Street regeneration FAQs

When will I have to move out of my current home?

We’re still at the very early stages of reviewing the site, so nothing will happen right now. Once we have more information on any redevelopment, we’ll be in a better position to look at timings. However, there will be no moves this year and if it happens, we will not start moving anyone until the new year. When a decision is made, you will be given plenty of notice and a dedicated officer will be on hand to answer any questions you may have. 

What are your plans for the site?

We haven’t made any decisions on the future of the site yet. However, one of the options we are looking at is redevelopment. This would involve demolishing existing Regenda buildings in Grove Street, Groveside, Grove Way, Grovelands and Falkner Street and building new homes.

If buildings are knocked down, will they be replaced with student accommodation?

No, we can guarantee that we will not build student accommodation. We are hoping to build apartments for social and private rent and a small number of houses for sale.

You said that we’ll be able to move back once the new homes are built – is that right?

Yes, if we decide to knock the existing buildings down and build modern, new homes on the site, you will be able to move back in once they’re complete. We will also build the same number of homes for social rent that are currently on the site.

The councillors have given us a choice of refurbishment – can we choose this option and keep our current homes? 

If planning permission is granted, you will have the option to stay in the home you have been temporarily moved to or move back to the new homes once they’re complete. If planning permission is not granted, we will continue to manage and maintain the properties as we currently do.

If the flats are rebuilt, will my new flat be smaller than this one?

It’s too early to say what the size and layouts of individual properties may be. This will come at a later stage in the process, and We Make Places and the appointed architect will work with you on how the new properties may look.

If the flats are rebuilt, will my rent go up?

You will continue to pay social rent as you currently do. Your rent will rise in line with the government formula for social rent increases, and this will be reflected in the rent you pay. But please be assured, you will pay a social housing rent. 

How many times will I have to move? 

We would try to keep the number of moves to a minimum. Ideally, you would move twice – once during construction and again when you move back into your new home. However, there may be some circumstances where more moves are necessary. A dedicated Tenant Liaison Officer will work with you throughout the entire process.

If I do want to move back to the Grove Street scheme, where am I going to go in the meantime while I wait for my new home? 

We’ll work closely with you to find you somewhere suitable to move to. We’ll also work closely with Property Pool Plus and their partners to find suitable accommodation. 

When will I be able to move back into my new home at the Grove Street scheme?

We’ll keep in touch during the build to let you know when you can move back. As soon as building work starts, we’ll be able to give you an idea of when this may be. 

I don’t have the capacity to move without support. What help can Regenda offer me? Are there any external organisations we can work with to ensure I get the help I need?

You’ll have a dedicated officer who will arrange all the help and support you need to move from your property. You will receive a disturbance payment to enable you to move from the property. We can speak to removal firms to secure a better deal for you if you would like us to. If you have specific requirements (such as a disability), we’ll be able to provide additional support during your move and will work with any external agencies that can offer help. 

I understand we get money for disturbance and for losing our homes. How much will I get and when? Can I choose what to spend the money on? 

That’s right, you will receive a home loss payment, which is currently £6,300 plus a disturbance payment of £500. This money will help towards removal costs and decorating your new property, if that is something you want to do.

My family has outgrown our flat. Will we be able to move back to the Grove Street scheme into a flat with more bedrooms?

We’ll work with you to find the best solution for your needs. That could mean that you move back to a larger property if there is one available, or you may decide to remain in the property you have been temporarily moved to. 

I have a spare bedroom now. Will that be the case after the regeneration? Will what I can afford be taken into consideration or will I only be entitled to a fixed number of bedrooms?

You will be entitled to move back into a property with the same number of bedrooms that you currently have. If you would prefer a smaller property with less bedrooms, we will do our best to allocate one to you if there is one available.

If I want to leave the Grove Street scheme now, am I responsible for finding a new home? What are my options? What help might I get?

If you want to leave before we start the moving process, you will have to find your own home. This is because we haven’t started looking at individual requirements or working with Property Pool Plus or their partners on alternative accommodation. If you are happy to wait, a dedicated officer will work with you to determine what you need from your new home, looking at elements such as location and size. 

Will I get more money for disturbance if I have to move twice?

No, the home loss and disturbance payments will only be made once.

What will happen about my rent arrears?

If you do not pay your rent, you risk losing your home. Any rent arrears you may have will be deducted from your home loss payment.

I am living here renting from the owner/a friend – can I move back to the Grove Street scheme after the regeneration? 

As long as you are not unlawfully subletting, we will work with you to look at options to return. This will be dealt with on a case by case basis. 

Who owns the land and does this affect our long-term security as tenants?

The Local Authority owns the land but Regenda owns the flats. Your long-term security will not be affected. 

I’d like to own my own home on the estate, will there be a chance for me to buy my new home?

We are looking at a number of options at the moment. One of these is a mixed tenure site, meaning there will be homes for private rent and sale, along with the same number of social rent properties currently on the site. If this option is agreed, there could be the opportunity to buy a home. However, this couldn’t be guaranteed, and would depend on the usual circumstances around buying a home.